Saturday, February 4, 2012

We like Skype......

Over the past few weeks we have been able to "Skype" some of you. It has been a dream come true. We have been able to see all of the kids and our grandchildren and that has been great. One day last week I was able to link up with the boys at the old office. It was so neat to see all of them, It made me think just how much I love those men. I am so blessed to have friends like them. In my job at the studio it was an honor to work with these guys, some of them for 40 plus years. I am blessed to have such good friends. It was so neat to be right in the office again. Only for a minute.....We have had more rain these past few weeks. It has been amazing. The crops are enjoying it very much. We are sending along a few more pictures. It is really hard to explain that just right down the road is all of this wildlife and people who just work and work all day. They never worry about anything, they just work and take care of one another. Most of the families here farm. They are able to manage feeding themselves and earn some money where and when they can. If you are earning over $100.00 in a month you are doing well. We enjoyed having Elder & Sister Carl B. Cook come and visit the mission. We had a wonderful time attending conferences and meetings with them. They traveled with us over to Malawi and it was nice to listen to their counsel and feel of their warm spirit for the work. The day before we were to fly over to Malawi the airline decided to cancel the flight. It happens all of the time. So plan "B" went into effect. We drove. It like going from Los Angeles to Ogden, Utah with no stops. No stops because there isn't anywhere to stop. We were able to find fuel in Chipata and that sustained us until we arrived into Blantyre. We sent them home to Johannesburg when they finished the mission tour. We then went home via Lilongwe. We spoke with Samantha last week, she said that Jr. was ill with the flu and that it caused his diabetes to flare up. We would ask for your thoughts and prayers for her and the family. We know that the Lord will bless Jr. he is a fine young man and has great faith. We are blessed to had trials and struggles. We are thankful that we are able to learn from these experiences. We know that all of you will be blessed while we are gone. We were told that in our blessings when we left you. I know that God will watch over all of you while we are awy, you have no need to fear. This I know. We will write to you soon, we love you all. Hey, Get Skype and call to all. M&A

After a day in the fields. We stopped and offered some water. It was hot and they were out in the middle of the bush....

This is just down the road from the house. we go out there a lot to see the elephants, it was late in the afternoon and it was raining a little.

 On the way home we stopped to look at the white cranes in the trees.....

The baboons here are not to be played with. As much as you would like to get out and take pictures of them. They will steal everything they can get their hands on. They love any kind of food or anything that is shiny. Easy or the bald jokes.....

This was taken at our District and Zone Leader Council in Lusaka, Zambia

Lunch time for the Sisters.

We had about 45 at the Conference with the Cook's in Lusaka.

The Cook's enjoying lunch.

Woodlands, Lusaka  and Copperbelt  Zone Conference January 2012

President & Sister Padovich, Elder & Sister Carl B. Cook of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy.
Lusaka, Zambia  January 3, 2012

Zone Conference Blantyre, Malawi January 2012

 This is a picture of some of the members in Liwonde, Malawi we held a meeting there last month. It was one of the highlights of our trip. 

True and faithful people.

Zone Conference Lilongwe, Malawi