Friday, September 9, 2011

More pictures....

We think at least for today these will post. We hope you enjoy them. We are doing fine. We see things that you just can take in sometimes.....We are very busy. The days just fly by. We are going up to the Copperbelt on Saturday for District Conference. We will be able to visit. Kitwe, Luanshya, and Ndola. We travel up on a small plane. An E-ticket ride for sure. It's amazing how you spend most of the flight praying hoping all goes well. I sure you can understand. In all of the bloge we post I mention to you all how wonderful Sister Padovich is. I want you to know that this lady is a Saint. She puts up we me and in and of itself is a task. She watches over the missionaries and calls them to make sure they are healthy and doing what they need to do. Heaven help you if we stop by to "spot check" your flat to make sure it's clean! It's like I would tell my boy's. "if you mess with your're on your own"I can't save you. We will try this again. We hope. Love to all of you. The Church is true. The Lord loves his children. This I know.
xoxo M&A

We went up to the Copperbelt for Conference. Zambian ****

This deluxe model had "His & Her's Mosquito Netting.....

Family fun day at the International School. Elder's love to play soccer.

The nice thing is at this age they don't keep score.....Right!

Dancing with the Stars. Lusaka style.

This was taken on top of Mount Zomba in Malawi. It's over 7000ft.

It was cool and very green.

When they see the white truck in Lilongde, it's time for candy from Sister P.

...but first you must check out the "muzungoo" with the camera...

Try this at the next "Iron Man Competition"

When the bus stops, and they just stop anywhere. The vendors run to make a sale.

I saw this at the water stop on the Lusaka Century bike ride.......

Most of the streets look like this one. No paved road except the main road.

The 405 in Zambia. No food, no water, but plenty of cars and trucks.

Lot's of fruit and vegetables, everyone has a garden.

If they spill they pick it up. We waste nothing.......

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  1. Love the picture of you giving the kids Candy, tour grandkids love the elephant, moms favorite