Thursday, September 1, 2011

Would you like to supersize that?

We just got home from Malawi. It was a nice trip. We were able to hold Zone Conferences and District counsel meetings in several areas. We were happy to see everyone. We had the opportunity to organize a Branch Presidency in Kauman in the central part of Malawi near Lingongwe. We were able to obtain several new places for the missionaries and two new flats for the couples who will arrive in November and December. On the trip over to Malawi we were able to spend the night in Johannesburg and we went out to shop before the mall closed, yes they have a mall. It's nice not very large but they had a McDonalds. You just never know what you might find here. It's funny how excited you can get after a couple of months of no fast food. We each had a Big Mac and enjoyed it very much. Now that we are home it's back to mystery meat and Elephant burgers. Only kidding. It's not that bad. We have now seen all of the areas in the mission.Now it's time to begin again. We will now be able to start to fine tune. We are so busy. The time just flys by. We are really enjoying ourselves. We wish all of you would come and serve with us. We have room for you and we can even give you your very own country if you like. This past week we found a nice new flat for a couple in Malawi. It's really nice. It's brand new and the builder said it should be ready by November. We are getting ready for our new missionaries who will arrive September. We will be happy to see them come. This transfer will have an impact on the entire mission because we will get so many of them at the same time. It will cause a change in almost every set of missionaries. We are excited to be able to open some new areas. We are excited to have our new senior couple arrive at they end of the month. They will serve in the in seminary and institute. They will be such asset here. They have been serving in China. We are starting to grow and we love it. We are still having the usual problems with the power and the phones not working but that is to be expected. Now there is a big improvement. Last month I was ready to scream. Now it's just, oh well. That's Africa. We are so blessed to be here. We have grown during the last while. The things we have seen and the things we we have been asked to do have been wonderful. We are so happy for the love and support you offer. We love to hear from you. We want you all to know that this is the Lords Church. He leads and we follow. Last week we were able to arrange a place for the local women to get water from one of the properties. It was amazing to watch the women and them small children come and fill their buckets and pails with clean water. The amazing part is they fill those pails with water and place them on top of their heads, and walk back to their villages. Some of those pails weigh over fifty pounds, and they never spill a drop. We never thought we would shed tears over someone getting a drink of clean water. To see the little children smile and wave as they head home is a picture that will remain with us forever. We have several projects in the works. We hope to have a bunch of new wheelchairs arrive. They will be handed over to the local agencies here to help qualify the recipients and fit them to the chairs. This is in partnership with LDS Charities. They are such a hard working group. We are looking into drilling some "bore holes" we would call them wells at home. The water table here is very close to the surface. We only need to go down about a hundred feet to find water. It will serve hundreds of villagers. We think, we hope we will have Internet long enough this week to download some pictures. Keep reading and watching . We were happy this week to hear that our newest little granddaughter has arrived. Her name Is Preslee. We love our kids. And our grandkids. Thanks for all you do.
Love, M&A


  1. I am just sitting here working on the computer with Frankie and your post (and you email regarding photos) just came up! How fun!! So nice to hear from you!! I will email you back about the photos!

  2. Hey you guys are alive and well, we missed our weekly blog. Sounds like alot of things are going on (except the electricity). Sorry couldn't help myself. Missing you and know you are doing great.

  3. Thank you for the heart warming post. I can feel the Spirit. Continued success in the Lords' work.