Saturday, January 21, 2012

Just a few Shots .....

We were able to get on line this past week. We were able to even down load a few pictures. We hope you enjoy them. We have been on the road for several weeks. We enjoyed the Christmas Season with our missionaries. We are in the middle of the rainy season here. It rains and rains. I find myself looking out the windows watching for Noah and the animals to come walking down the street. We are well and happy. I love my Arlene. She is the best. I have always found her to be the best thing that has ever happened to me. And the longer we are here, the more I realize that I have been right about that for over 40 years. She is a dream come true. We just finished a mission tour with Elder & Sister Carl B. Cook of the Seventy. They came and stayed in our home for a few days and we all traveled the mission together. It was a most wonderful 10 days. We recieved good counsel and he was happy with all of the things we have been able to accomplish in our first 6 months. We shared with him our thoughts and feelings on how we may progress in the work. We are excited about the things to come. During our first six months we grew very fast. Now we will slim down a little and start to adjust some of our mission complement. It's like a sports team in some ways. We have a strong roster and we have spent the summer in two a days and now we're ready for our first big game. The season has started and we are ready. I have faith in my team and they now trust the coach and the game plan. Here we go. We love you all. We think of you always. We are busy. We thank you for your love and prayers......

Zone Conference in Lusaka, Zambia
Baptism in Lusaka
I told you about the rain right?
After the rain the sun comes out and it's back to work.
We stop and visit with any who will listen.

On and on....
and on....
Just a small snack for the road....
We like our T-Shrits ....

It beats walking...
Zone activity at the Reptile Park
Zambia "Charlie's Angels"
It was on sale...
two for the price of one...

Our Sisters
This was taken out at Mothers Without Borders. It speaks
for itself....
We helped at Mormon Helping Hands Day 
We had a good day.
Then we walked home....

Sometimes we think we can fly.

I think I need to get one of these

Another good day.
Sisters in Blantyre, Malawi
We always have time to eat.
After Church
Woodlands Zone Activity
Elder & Sister Taggart with the Zone
So when you come to the end of a perfect day, why not
stop on the side of the road and pick-up our
personal favorites, "rats on a stick".....

We love you all. We will write soon.

Mike & Arlene


  1. You guys better not come home without some of the native clothes. I love what the women wear to church. It would be great for you to dress in the clothes when you give firesides, etc. Hope you see this in time, but Happy Birthday to Arlene on the 23rd. I’m sure this is one birthday she won’t forget. Also, thanks for the Christmas card—it was a very pleasant surprise. Love you guys, Lynnette

  2. Elder and Sister G.Jan 21, 2012 06:55 PM
    President and Sister Padovich,
    Elder Gubler and I served in Lusaka in 2004 and 05. We lived at 20 Mutende Road and Elder G. was a counselor to President Jenkins. What a treat it has been to find your blog. It brings back such great memories, traveling those same roads and loving the same members. We met you in SLC last spring at the missionary reunion. However, at that time we were unaware of our connection.
    Today we stopped to visit with a dear friend, Emma Alice Crist. The first thing we saw and heard was that you were Mission President in the newly formed Zambian mission. It seems that Elder Gubler baptised Arlene's parents many years ago in Terre Haute Indiana. In fact he even held Arlene and her siblings on his lap when his companion was teaching the lessons. The children called them "the teachy boys." We wish we had known the connection when we met you in SLC.
    We were able to attend the temple in St. George when Carl received his endowments.
    We look forward to following your success as you serve in that special part of Heavenly Fathers vineyard.
    Love, Glen & Rachel Gubler