Monday, March 5, 2012

Red, Blue, White, Yellow......

Since our last posting we have been all over the country and now we are home again for a moment. We were privileged to have had Elder & Sister Hartman come and visit. Elder Hartman is the mental health Doctor in the Africa Southeast Area for the Church. You might have read his book, "The People Code". He is a brilliant man and they are one of the most fun couples we have ever met. He brings new meaning to the term, "my new best friend" They were able to spend 10 days with us as we toured the mission. We were able to travel the mission by car. We had him captive for days, boy did I learn things about me. It was most fun to see how the missionaries reacted to what "color" they were. As you know I am "RED" not just "RED, BRIGHT RED." Arlene is very blue with all of the other colors in her basket. Needless to say, we had many OH .... moments. It was fun to see all of the missionaries say, now I know why my companion does that. He's Red! It was such fun. 

The corn crop is almost ready to harvest. In some areas the rain has been plentiful, but in others it has been poor. We worry that many of these good people will go hungry in the winter months due to crop failure. The old song, "God bless the rains down in Africa"really takes on new meaning. We continue to pray for them.
At the end of the mission tour with the Hartman's, we transferred almost the whole mission. It involved all but nine, so it was massive. From the letters I have received, it sounds like everyone is happy in their new assignments. Transfers are just like other Church callings, your released from one area and called to serve in another. One of the Sisters told me at lunch the other day that she was a little upset that I had transferred her into another area. She asked me, "Why did you do that President?" I looked at her and said, "I didn't transfer you, the Lord did. Now go find out why." Last week we met up again and she said, "Oh President, We were out in the compound contacting less active families and we felt that we should cross the street and knock on the door.  The lady answered and said, I have been waiting for you, I had a dream that you would come and teach me, and you were the ones I saw in my dream." I am thankful that the Lord blesses us as we do His work. I am thankful for faithful Sisters who follow the Spirit and just "go and do". 
It seems like the harder you try, the behinder you get. We feel that everyday. There is so much to do. We are happy here. It is hard to serve a mission. I am thankful that the Lord took a chance when he called us. I never thought that I would get over the power going out, and the Internet not working. You know us "REDS" I want it fixed now! .... but now that I have embraced the color yellow, it's OK, it will come back on is fun to sit in the dark and eat cookies and listen to the rain. I am thankful for Arlene. What a wonderful women. I am so blessed to be here with her. I always knew that I loved my wife. She has been my companion and my friend for over 40 years. Some people say marriage is like peeling an onion. You never know what is next. I think being married to Arlene is like being married to a 20 caret diamond. Every time the light shines on it, it looks different. And when I pause and look, I see just how blessed I am. 
We know that many of you have families that are sick and are struggling. We pray for you, we think of you and we know that you will be made well and you will find your way. 
Next week we are heading over to Livingstone for a day or so. We will send pictures. We hope you enjoy these.

Until next time. 

Everyday these men bring wood in from the countryside. Many of them leave in the early morning. They sell their wood and with the small amount of money they by food for their families and ride back into the villages, and start over again for tomorrow. 

Oxen and cows are still the best way to travel.

How much do you think that weights?

One after another, all day long.

You never know what you will see on the road, these men were just on the corner singing.

Rush hour in Lusaka.

How many can you get in one truck? The CPH would have a field day here.

 NYC eat your heart out. This is the first horse we have seen here.

Mounted drill team.....

Elder & Sister Hartman with the Lusaka Zone.

Elder Sibanda always has the right answer.

I didn't think President would give us a test, he never gives tests....

They all passed.....

Copperbelt Zone. Up near the DR Congo border.

Elder Nyelele, did you enjoy your lunch?

Yes i did President. Very much!!

These are the huts in the villages just up the road from Liwonde, Malawi.

How is that for green.

 Huts as far as you can see.

Market day.

This is a new way of carring the "mantel"

 All day to and from the market.

When it's sunny you just put the top up.

That's a ton on wood.

We attented a babtism in Kauma Branch. It was wonderful.

Look at all the smiles.

Today changed their lives forever.

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  1. It's good to hear from you again, and good to see you and Arlene in the pics. Great pics, BTW. I know the time has flown by for me, can't imagine how fast it has flown by for you. Keeping you in my prayers.