Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Valentine Day.....

It feels like we have been cut off from the world for the past month. The internet has been down and our phones have been out. It feels like we are reliving our past. We have gone through this before. And this time we are ready for it. So what do you do when you have no internet and no phones? That's right....Road Trip...... We held our zone conferences and we were gone for about three weeks. We went to all parts of the mission and I interviewed all of the missionaries and the couples. It was so great. They are all working so hard. The theme for conference was taken from 1Samuel 17..."Who is your Goliath?" What holds you back...... "Is there not a cause?" We had a great time learning about our "cause". I am thankful that we have a cause. As we work together we will make a difference. We are blessed to have this assignment. While we were in Malawi, we were working out in Kauma Village and Arlene was bitten by misquiteos. And sure enough, 10 days later she came down with malaria. Boy that stuff is nasty. It came on suddenly, like getting hit by a bus. She was so sick. One of our dear friends told her, "Oh, the first time is the worst. It gets better each time you get it". Oh my..... I hope that never happens again. About four days into the process I was able to prop her up, crazy glue a smile on her face, and get her on the plane to Johannesburg. We went to see Dr. Milne. He was an answer to our prayers. He stayed late at his office and ran a bunch of tests, and found her to be OK....except for the malaria. We were happy to hear there was nothing else wrong. I am thankful for blessings that come through faith. I am thankful that she is recovering, and know that we will be back up to speed soon. I have never seen her so sick. While we were in Malawi, we were able to divide the Kauma Branch. When we first arrive on mission, we had about 25 people attending there. When we split, we had 197. What a wonferful day it was. We will divide the Lilongwe Branch in about two months and then we will have four branches in Lilongwe. We are thankful for the good saints in Malawi. We have sent out several more missionaries from the area this past month. We have several more who will leave us shortly, with many more to come. We are thankful for our assignment here. We hope and pray that many more couples will come and join us. You can do it. Don't worry about the details. Just put in your papers and come join the ranks. You will be blessed for your service. We love you and miss you. We are thankful for good Bishop Vandermark. He always sends us updates and reminders how the Ward is doing. We support him and our Stake leaders. Drop us a line when you can. We heard from Elder Ed & Jolene Smith the other day. They are doing well and they are busy. That is a good thing to be in the mission field. We hope you enjoy the pictures.....Love you.

This is the new plot of ground for the new Matero Building.....2014

A brush and a can of paint will get the job done....

This plot is about the size of the Sand Canyon Building.

Gates and a fence already in place....

Lt. to right....President Lumbama, District President of 
Lusaka District. Elder Lookhart, Zambia Lusaka Mission Presidency.
Elder & Sister Rose, Area Real Estates Specialist. 
President Kalunga, Matero Branch President

 We have a bumper crop of bananas this year.....

Yes Officer.....He was a really big guy.....
About 9ft 6 and about 750 lbs....
He should be really easy to find.....

With the rains comes the bugs.....All shapes and sizes....
we found this one when he knocked on the front door...

 My friends from Kauma Primary.....We had a great time together.
The future of the Church in Zambia.

 Speaking of bugs.....Dinner at the hotel in Malawi.....Yes they are......
Roasted, alittle salt, and ready to eat.....YUM!!!

The real deal.......Can I get an order to go??

 When is the next meeting?? Always working hard....

We love you and miss you all....



  1. We love and miss you, too, Mike & Arlene!

  2. Hello! I'm a memeber of the LDS church in Russia. I was in Zambia in 2012, i visited the branch there, told with Chris. I stayed in Zed for 1 month. And now i want to come to live there. But i have some questions. And last week i tried to find some info about president of mission there. I asked some zambian members. But nobody knows e-mail of the office. I need it very much. I have some serious questions. Can you give me the e-mail to connect with u, please?

  3. The office email is

    1. Thank you very much!!! :)

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